About Shelt Cards

The idea for Shelt Cards originated in 2002. Our founder used to work as Graphic Designer and started doodling bonkers drawings from his warped mind when he should have been working. It was at that point he thought “these would be funny as greeting cards” and went about starting up the business. The cards were printed, logo created, website started to take shape… but unfortunately it all came to an abrupt holt in 2004 due to some personal circumstances.

Fast forward 13 years to 2017 and we uncovered a wad of the ‘bonkers drawings’ SB had done all those years previous, and with the likes of ‘The Viz’ comic books going strong and ‘Celebrity Juice’ TV show going from strength to strength we felt we should revive the business and give the public the ‘bastard banter’ (i.e. If you greet friends with ‘hello you dickhead’ or ‘Ay you bastard where have you been’) they all need and deserve ?

Now it’s 2018. SB has now roped his wife GB into his bent business plans, along with other family members. The time is right, the site is alive. We are alive. The world is turning to shite, so let’s stop ‘Novichoking’ each other and start spreading the bastard banter love through the medium of Shelt Cards.

Before you go, a little statement about the use of our products:

Shelt is about having fun. If we discover you’re using our products for bullying or other malicious reasons then you’ll be banned and removed from using our website. Shelt is about being a prick to your nearest and dearest with a bit of ‘bastard banter’. A good 21st Century wind-up is the way forward, but there’s no place for bullies in this world. That’s just being a cruel bastard. No one likes a cruel bastard.

Life’s short, keep laughing.

Team Shelt x