The Shit Blog at Christmas by Shelt Cards

New rude, adult Christmas cards available soon!

A new selection of our adult greeting cards are in the works for Christmas 2018

As it’s nearly Christmas time, that obviously means the big fat twat is about to come and visit our houses… That’s right, not only will the father-in-law be visiting, Santa will be too. So in true Shelt style, we’ve got a new batch of Christmas cards on sale at from Tuesday 30th October, so get that wallet ready!

Here’s a couple of those on sale next week just to tease you. Just look at the size of Santa’s sack! he’s definitely waited far too long to empty that bad boy.

Merry Fucking Christmas (cock) - Christmas Card - Shelt CardsIt's Nearly Time For Santa To Empty His Sack - Christmas Card - Shelt Cards

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